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Knights and Dames of The Religious Academy

Charitable. Brave. Knights and Dames TRA

Knights and Dames of The Religious Academy is the charitable section of our organization.  We take on causes each year within our community that we feel we can make a difference with. In addition to charitable work we do all shows, events and security for The Religious Academy. This part of our organization hopes to operate under a non-profit status in the future. For more info please visit our website at



Cadence LeGrand College Fund:

Teenager Cadence is a former youth student of The Religious Academy under CEO Paul Grass and a dear friend. In the Fall of 2021 Cadence was a victim of a violent sexual assault and is on the long road to recovery.

With permission from her family we sell her originals and prints in this gallery. 100% of the proceeds go to Cadence Hick's college fund. The gallery will be updated as we get more artwork from Cadence.

We currently sell 8 X 10 inch prints, color laser on matte cardstock for  $20.  $2.00 added for shipping and handling.  We currently accept Checks and Venmo. 

Checks should be written to Laura Hicks, Cadence's mother and mailed to The Religious Academy, 216 S. Grant Street Denver, CO 80209.  For Venmo please send payment to Paul-Grass-1 with confirmation cell code 1436.  Online purchases can be made at  Prints will be shipped the first and third Friday of each month.  We send checks and deposit Venmo to Laura the first Friday of each month.

To choose image, click on selected artwork and link to send us an email.  Then send a check or Venmo us. Upon receipt of money we will ship prints Friday.  Thank you SO much!


Brandy Cattoor Children's Fund:

Brandy Cattoor was a former teacher and co-founder of The Religious Academy and dear friend of Paul Grass and many others. Several years ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the time, she had three children all under the age of eight and at the young age of 27 she returned to her Heavenly Father after a brief battle.

Since then, with support from her family, and permission from her mother Sharon Pacheco, we have been selling her artwork with 100% of the proceeds going to Sharon to help Brandy's three young kids.  In addition to her artwork we invited artists from around the world to contribute to this fund.

For purchase inquiries please email  We accept Venmo and Checks. Venmo: Paul-Grass-1 who in turn pays Sharon.  Checks should be written to Sharon Pacheco and mailed to The Religious Academy, 216 S. Grant Street, Denver CO 80209.


Isaiah Williams Fund:

For years friend of The Religious Academy, Nora Bender, has volunteered her time and talents to help us succeed. She started as one of our first students and since then has been committed to helping our school's vision.

A few years ago her Son, Aaron Williams, was tragically murdered leaving his only son and Nora's grandson without a father. Nora's family comes from a strong African American family from Mississippi and we wanted to create an art show in honor of Aaron that was Civil Rights Based.  We have toured this show through the South several times with proceeds going to this fund.


Upon permission from the family we sell prints of donated artwork from our school and from Nora's uncle and artist, Hamilton Byrd. 100% of the proceeds go to Isaiah in memory of his father, Aaron.


For purchase, email which image you are interested in. For payment, checks can be written to Nora Bender and mailed to The Religious Academy at 216 S. Grant Street, Denver CO 80209. Venmo can be given to Paul-Grass-1 and funds will be dispersed to Nora. 

All Images strictly copyrighted The Religious Academies LLC

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