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A Unique Christian Art Experience

In 2012 the CEO of the Religious Academy, Paul Grass, created his first Biblical Art, a drawing of the first Martyr, Saint Stephen. At the time he was living in Denver, Colorado and had just moved there. He didn't know many people and felt impressed to reach out to local churches in hopes to have an event that focused on a sermon and art unveiling. Saint Stephen's Lutheran Church in Northglenn accepted the invitation to host an event that welcomed Christians of all faiths.


The Religious Academy Inaugural Unveiling.

St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Northglenn.

The power of two or more being gathered in Christ's name was very real at this event. Furthermore, a following and community emerged from the show.  Immediately after this show Paul created a class on illustrating the Bible, hosted at Hobby Lobby. Students began to see the value in his vision of bringing faiths together to promote Christ and from this growth gradually happened. 

With a truly interfaith art collective, Paul began to look for Christian locations to bring people closer to Christ through artwork. Every few months Paul and the collective exhibited throughout the Denver Metro area, including The Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado Christian University, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Metropolitan Community Church of Christ, and many others. The collective and school began to be known as The Religious Academy.

In 2015 Paul met a fellow Christian Artist and teacher, John Stadler. Within minutes they could tell they shared the same vision and the next day John was at Paul's studio talking of ways he could be a part of The Religious Academy.  Within a few weeks Paul and John began renting studio and classroom space together at Grant Avenue Methodist Church, where The Religious Academy is currently headquartered.  Paul and John have worked closely ever since keeping The Religious Academy going.  

Paul and John have had over sixty shows nationwide at various Christian churches, as well as regular community locations, promoting Christ with Biblically based fine art. Some of the shows have had several hundred people show up, and some have had just a handful, but all have helped strengthened the artists and the communities that have seen the work. Gradual growth continues.

Paul and John are teaching in person as well as online and more exceptional teachers are beginning to express interest in being a part of this unique Christ centered art school. Expansion is gradually happening and youth through adult classes are continuing to fill.  Currently, classes are flexible and very reasonably priced. In addition, we believe our art school will get noticed by prominent commissioners as we continue to refine and find more effective ways to teach excellence techniques in visual art.


Our school is unique in that we don't do certain things, like draw and paint the nude figure. We expect excellent work and believe our students will create it, but we do not sacrifice perfection of artwork over our student's relationship with Christ.  Students are encouraged to express their faith and thoughts of Jesus during class as well as during our weekly Sunday check-ins where students can share their belief of Jesus Christ with faculty and peers.

We are strong believers that as time goes on and the world moves further and further away from Biblical teachings believers of all faiths will have to unite and come together to endure the onslaught of Satanic attacks on believers of Jesus Christ. 

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