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We try to do Shows every couple of months and have done nearly 100 over the last decade internationally.  Our hope is to unite faiths and bring people closer to Christ for communities with Artwork and Music promoting his life.  If you are interested in volunteering or being a part of our shows please send us a message today!

Our next show will be December.  Something we hope to do with each show is help a cause by donating part of our earnings towards this cause.  We are helping a School in need with a very incredible story from Colombia, Mother Laura Montoya Escuela, next. 100% Percent of Ticket Sales as well as varying percentages of Art Sales will be donated to this School.  Purchase Tickets Today with link below!!

Christmas Shows:

The Religious Academy at Lindon Community

Seven Artists of many different faiths will have Artwork on the Savior's Birth available for purchase with proceeds going to the Reducion de funds, a fundraiser for Mother Laura Montoya Escuala.

The seven featured artists include Paul Grass, John Stadler, Miko Vlado, Dana Roseman, Nielson Carlin, Zimou Tan, and Kathy Bruner.

Testimonials of the Artwork with Christmas Music by Nathan Osmond, John Davis, and other local Musicians of All faith unite to celebrate Jesus' birth!

Show is from 6-9 PM at the Lindon Community Center, 25 N. Main Street, Lindon Utah.  Artwork will be available for purchase along other guest Artists including J. Kirk Richards, Jill Fugal, Carmen Paracuella, Marta Johnson and others with Artwork from our Monday night Art Class.  

Purchase tickets today for $7.00 at link below.  100% of proceeds go to School.  Children 12 and under free!!  Musical Program begins at 6:30 with Nathan Osmond and ends at 8:30.  Free refreshments!!

The Religious Academy at Grant Avenue

Saturday December 9th at 216 South Grant Street in Denver, 6-9 PM, at Grant Avenue Methodist Church Artists from the Denver Arts Community have donated Artwork to helping the School Mother Laura Montoya.  Come get incredible Artwork while helping a very worthwhile cause.  For more information please contact John Stadler at 720.366.3882.  Artwork from The Religious Academy at Grant Avenue will also be available for purchase.


School Master Mariela Lopez Torres

"The Llanogrande school is located in the rural area of Dabeiba, a municipality in Colombia. We currently serve 94 students, mostly children of the former FARC-EP guerrilla whose ages range from 5 to 17 years old; that thanks to the peace process they found in this community a way to rejoin civilian life. The school has two classrooms each measuring 30 square meters, a sanitary unit, and a 16-square-meter kitchen where food is prepared for the students; and a space for the school garden. We do not have a library space or systems room, nor a music and arts room. We thank you immensely for the help you give us to expand our school so that these children can receive a better education and in this way we can contribute to building a better country." - Mariela Lopez Torres 

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