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Beautifullly framed Print by Artist Sandra Jean Ceas:


Title: He Lives
Medium: oil on linen
Dimensions: 34”x57”
Price: $6450

Sandra Jean Ceas
He Lives
Oil on linen

Artist Statement:
I can only image how John, Peter and Mary must have felt when they arrived at the empty
tomb of Jesus, stooped their heads in, and saw the linen cloths lying there by themselves,
without the body of their Lord and Savior.
It is written that they felt trembling and astonishment, yet the angel that was present asked
them not to be afraid, and to come see the place where Jesus laid. The angel said, “He is not
here, for He has risen.” When all the disciples understood, they marveled at what had
happened. Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive.
“He Lives.” is a dramatic portrayal of this moment. I present the linen wrap as if elevating in a
sense of purity, glory and invitation, for each and every one of us who believes in Him, shall not
perish, but have eternal life.

"He Lives." By Sandra Jean Ceas

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