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Report on this year's Bible Art Tour in Dresden

Each year our School puts together 7 works of Art intended to get people to think more compassionately as well as take Jesus' teachings more seriously. This year was such a great year and marked our first international Tour. Are School and a few invited Artists created Seven works of Art showcasing the good the the German People did in the early to mid 1900s and around World War Two.

Our hopes was to help people realise there is so much good that has been overlooked as well as to showcase that people everywhere are just like you and me. And our tour was really successful in doing that too. Many locals were touched and grateful for what we did.

Our first Art Show Show in Dresden highlighted, from The Religious Academy Workshop, an Oil Painting of a German Soldier returning to his Family. This reunification of a Daddy and his Wife and Children would have JUST as much emotion from a German Family as from an Allied Family. For the unveiling please check out the Video here:

While in Dresden we were able to get to know many of the Locals including pretty impressive Artists that are very interested in our Academy. One of the Local Artist's here, taught at the famous Dresden Academy and is interested in helping start a section of our School in Dresden in the Future.

Something that we are extremely excited about is the famous German Academician, Heinrich Hoffmann, lived in Dresden the last 40 years of his life. He also taught at the Dresden Academy. His famous Painting of Christ teaching in the Temple is in a Museum in Dresden. So many great connections for future opportunities with the connections we have now.

While in Dresden we unveiled a Drawing by one of our Youth Student's Anna Fugal of the Frauenkirche, the famous Protestant Church that was rebuilt after the Dresden Bombings. The Drawing was of the Church after it was Bombed. We also unveiled a Painting by John Stadler after the Church was rebuilt. It was so fun to showcase these Paintings right next to the Church: Here is the highlighted video

Another great thing that happened in Dresden was sharing the Artwork at a Private Viewing at the Jacob and Jenifer Fugal Residence. About 15 locals came to the event and we were able to have some very good and rewarding conversations and many friendships where built with long term interest in our School and hopes to establish a chapter of some sort in the Future.

- Private Viewing at Dr. Fugal's Residence.

Our final stop in Dresden, about 10,000 youth attending an outdoor festival with our Artwork on display at event. Several commented on how grateful they where with us promoting the other side rarely talked about and many where interested in being a part of the School.

For a complete recap please visit this video today!

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