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What makes us unique in the art school world? First, is our weekly accountability in three areas, prayer, scripture study, and service. Each student enrolled is expected to give a one minute report on how they are doing with these spiritual building exercises. In doing this, we help foster spiritual propriety that will only enhance the student creating imagery from the Bible.

We have and will continue to build in person chapters of the school where students of all abilities can learn privately from artists in person or online.  We teach youth to adult and currently have chapters in Denver and Provo, with plans to expand.  Our youth classes are held at different times from our adult classes.

For the more serious students that want the spiritual component, our school offers a Curriculum Mastery and chance to study with world renowned Christian contemporary masters online and/or in person.

Seven is the perfect number in the Bible.  We have set up a seven semester system through which students can attain mastery in three different two dimensional approaches.

Our Three Approaches to Representational Art

Creating Art from Memory and Creation

Curriculum under development

Creating Realistic Art

Semester 1: Basic Two Dimensional Drawing. Bargue Plates, Master Copy, Anatomy, Religious Symbolism

Semester 2: Intermediate Drawing.  Master Copy, Cast Drawing, Anatomy, Religious Symbolism

Semester 3: Basic Painting.  Black and white Master Copy, Anatomy, Religious Symbolism

Semester 4: Intermediate Drawing. Self Portrait, Anatomy

Semester 5: Intermediate Indirect Painting. Color Master Copy, Anatomy

Semester 6: Advanced Painting - Color Self Portrait, Anatomy

Semester 7: Full Figure Draped Self Portrait, Anatomy

Creating Impressionistic Art

Curriculum under development

Each of these approaches will be seven semesters long. Students will be expected to meet certain criteria before advancing to the next. Students may do one or all of the approaches towards mastery.

At the end of each semester students may participate in our triannual shows.  Jan–April: The Life of Christ Salon, May–Aug: The Bible Art Tour, Sept–Dec: Chapter's Christmas Show.

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