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The Religious Academy at Lindon Community, Lindon Utah

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Artist Paul Grass teaches classes for The Religious Academy online as well as privately in his Studio.  His website is  He can be reached at


"Lest I See." - Copyright Paul Grass Fine Art

Interested in helping with Scholarships to study, Donating or purchasing Art for this Chapter? learn more here from the John Paul Fugal Scholarships.

The Religious Academy at Grant Avenue, Denver Colorado

Evangelical Artist John Stadler teaches classes for The Religious Academy privately at his Studio.  He can be reached at


"How Shall This Be." - Copyright John Stadler

Free Class every Monday, 5-7 PM Mountain Standard Time.

This Class is for those unable to afford Classes and is taught in English and Spanish. You can attend for as little or as much as you would like.  Class is taught by various instructors and covers different topics.  Come prepared with a  Pencil or Pen, Paper, and color medium you would like to use.


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